Weebly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Set Up

8 thoughts on “Weebly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Set Up”

  1. Hi Sir,
    Do you know how to add Square payment method to a Weebly site? Stripe does
    not support tobacco sales, Authorize.net is a ripoff and PayPal just
    doesn’t seem professional enough. I have already attained the code from
    Square to paste to my site but have no clue where to paste it so that it
    becomes available when my customers are ready to pay. Thank you very much. 

  2. Thank you Triston. Just went ahead and took your advice by adding business
    paypal which gave me the creditcard option. Tryed it today after publishing
    and it was easy. Thanks a bunch. I’ll be doing this video tomorrow. So
    thanks in advance for that. 

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