Top 2015 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends, Strategies and Tactics

A video forA�Top 2015 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends, Strategies and Tactics:

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This video session has been discussed by Tony Edward & Joe Douress, they tackled about the trends of SEO in 2015.

1. Knowledge Graph will expand, but experience major result fluctuations a�� with (Google-owned metaweb database) disabling editing capabilities in March 2015, all of that entity data will be transferred to Wikipedia’s Wikidata. If Wikidata’s policy guidelines are as strictly monitored as Wikipedia’s, we may see some previous Knowledge Graph results start to drop out of Google’s search results. We suggest securing your profile before March and use rel=publisher linking in Google+.

2. Penguin and Panda will become fabric of algorithm a�� Google mentioned that larger “updates” we’re used to seeing will discontinue, which hints at Penguin becoming much more integrated into Google’s overarching algorithm. We suggest taking a more a�?content marketinga�? approach with your SEO efforts by avoiding spammy link practices and building great content that users will want to share naturally.

3. Mobile-friendly sites will become more important a�� Google now shows a a�?mobile-friendly websitea�? label in mobile search results, and has been improving their support for mobile by expanding their Mobile Search Help section. They also recently started sending out mobile ranking demotion notifications to webmasters, which hints at the upcoming importance of mobile-friendly websites. If you plan to do a site redesign in 2015, now is the time to integrate mobile optimization and consider using responsive web design.

4. Local results will become more tied into Traditional search results a�� Google a�?Pigeona�? improves distance and location factors for local search queries, and we expect local results show up for more search queries. If your website has local content, we suggest optimizing for local keywords. Additionally, verify your Google+ Local listings and encourage customers to leave reviews to improve your local rankings.

5. Image search will become more sophisticated a�� with Google’s recent updates to allowing CDN-hosted images to be optimized for Google News, we can expect to see this happen for Google’s universal search as well. If you host your images on a CDN, we encourage you to optimize your alt tags in preparation for image search improvements in Google.

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