The App Store Optimization Checklist: Quick and Easy Tips

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App Store Optimization, or ASO, is a way of ensuring your app meets app store ranking criteria and rises to the top of a search results page. But how does a marketer optimize for better discover ability in an app store? To help you boost your app marketing strategy (along with your app store ranking!), Ia��ve put together a list of 10 favorite ASO tips, many of which have their roots in well-known SEO strategies marketers know and love. Leta��s dive in!1. Understand your customer and your competition. How well do you know your customers and your competition? A well-formed ASO strategy hinges on understanding how your customers use your app, along with a deep view of your competitive landscape. To start, ask yourself the following: What language do my customers naturally use? How would they describe my app? What are their top reasons for downloading and using my app? What is my competitive advantage?What keywords do my competitors target? How easily can I compete against these apps on the same keywords? Should I target the obvious keywords or the less obvious (and less trafficked) keywords that better speak to my unique offering and points of differentiation? Your ASO strategy begins with putting yourself in your customera��s shoes. Your goal is to improve discovery in app store searches and target those keywords that drive the most traffic. The best way to identify these optimal keywords is consumer research a�� finding out exactly what search queries brought your customers to your app and the natural language they use to describe it.

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