Best SEO For Beginners 2016 – How to Rank High In Google?

A video of the Best SEO For Beginners 2016 – How to Rank High In Google?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tutorial for beginners. In this video, you will learn all the necessary SEO techniques to rank your websites high in Google search engine. All the training is provided in a step-by-step newbie friendly way.

An ideal guide for anyone who is new to the web and doesn’t want to spend countless hours jumping from one website to another trying to find the right SEO information!

I will explain all the necessary basics by optimizing my website, and through informative slides so you can also do same at home.

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Best SEO For Beginners 2016–How to Rank High In Google

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization consists on the process of optimizing your websites pages so they can better rank on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the keywords you’re targeting.

Why Should You SEO?

If you’re looking to get free, highly interested visitors to your website from the search engines then you must learn how to SEO. Besides, if you love the smell of money in the morning then there’s no better way!

What Is a Keyword?

A keyword or search phrase is anything you type in Google’s search box so you can find more information about a specific topic in the listing of relevant websites they provide.

How to Rank High On Google?

Over the years, a lot of factors have changed when it comes to SEO. Google is far more strict in the content they rank high in their search engine. Besides, you can no longer achieve good results in a matter of few months with a new website. For this reason, SEO is a long-term investment in the traffic you get to your website.

Yet, there are a few key elements that will make you succeed online, and have a website, which will stand the test of times these are:

– Always provide high-quality and relevant content
– Constantly think about user experience
– Initially, build your brand in social media networks

If you build your website around these ideas, you will most certainly make Google love your website and get their heavenly blessing of ranking well on their search engine and receiving tones of traffic.

SEO is also divided in two parts and I’ll give you tips so you can perform well on both. This includes:

On-Page SEO?

Everything you must do insides your website so you can improve its visility in the search engines, such as:

– Optimizing Meta Titles, URL extension, Image Alt, etc.

Off-Page SEO?

Everything you must do outside your website so you can achieve better results in Google, including:

– Marketing your website in social media networks, forums, blogs and much more…

Flickr Photo SEO: Essential Tips for Search Engine Optimization to Increase Your Website Traffic

A video of Flickr Photo SEO: Essential Tips for Search Engine Optimization to Increase Your Website Traffic

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Flickr Photo SEO-Essential Tips for Search Engine Optimization to Increase Your Website Traffic

As a Social Media Marketer I’ve learned these Flickr Photo SEO Tips for Search Engine Optimization that increase exposure for photos. These techniques will increase the website traffic and exposure not only on flickr but also with search engines for your photos if they are set to be public viewable (very important to make sure this is set).

I hope you learned some valuable techniques to better optimize your Flickr Photography using these Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Exponential Math and Search Engine Optimization: Dallas SEO Geek

A video of Exponential Math and Search Engine Optimization: Dallas SEO Geek

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Exponential Math and Search Engine Optimization-Dallas SEO Geek

Non-linearity (numerical data that does not graph as a straight line or “curvy” data) shows up repeatedly in SEO, Internet Marketing, and Business in general. If you would like to understand these things on a deeper level, then watch the below video.

You don’t need any math skills already to get meaning out of it!

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The App Store Optimization Checklist: Quick and Easy Tips

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The App Store Optimization Checklist-Quick and Easy Tips

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is a way of ensuring your app meets app store ranking criteria and rises to the top of a search results page. But how does a marketer optimize for better discover ability in an app store? To help you boost your app marketing strategy (along with your app store ranking!), I’ve put together a list of 10 favorite ASO tips, many of which have their roots in well-known SEO strategies marketers know and love. Let’s dive in!1. Understand your customer and your competition. How well do you know your customers and your competition? A well-formed ASO strategy hinges on understanding how your customers use your app, along with a deep view of your competitive landscape. To start, ask yourself the following: What language do my customers naturally use? How would they describe my app? What are their top reasons for downloading and using my app? What is my competitive advantage?What keywords do my competitors target? How easily can I compete against these apps on the same keywords? Should I target the obvious keywords or the less obvious (and less trafficked) keywords that better speak to my unique offering and points of differentiation? Your ASO strategy begins with putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Your goal is to improve discovery in app store searches and target those keywords that drive the most traffic. The best way to identify these optimal keywords is consumer research — finding out exactly what search queries brought your customers to your app and the natural language they use to describe it.

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