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Keyword Research Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research Tutorial, today we will be discussing how to find the best keywords; which is the main ingredient in any search engine optimization recipe. I have created a keyword research tutorial cheat sheet together keyword research tutorial and we will be going to Google to search some additional information based on those notes. In order to understand the concept of this keyword research tutorial I recommend starting with the basics.

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Keyword Research Tutorial – Concentration

Before starting your this keyword research tutorial; what I always recommend is opening up notepad because you can save your information in a text file. Having the text file save to your PC (or Mac) will allow you to go back and have the information from this keyword research tutorial saved. What I want to mention here is I will be using the words main keyword phrase quite frequently in this training. To prevent any confusion in this keyword research tutorial for SEO newbies or beginners let me explain what a main keyword phrase in its. A key word is a single word; a keyword phrase is two or more keywords together. For example: Amazon is a key word, Amazon Seo training is a keyword phrase. So when you think about it this way why main idea was Amazon because I do teach Amazon search engine optimization but I had to get more detailed because I did not want people searching for Amazon to find me. In this keyword research tutorial I will refer to concentration or more detailed search. I wanted people searching Amazon SEO find me very and what we call this is key word concentration.

Keyword Research Tutorial – Be Specific

The importance of this keyword research tutorial is being more specific when choosing keyword phrases. Taking a broad key word and being more specific is the same as keyword concentration. When I started researching for the Guru Status for Amazon training, I knew my subjects was about Amazon. So I knew I had to refine the search results to be more specific to what exactly I was offering. That is the basis on what I am teaching in this keyword research tutorial. My intention for researching was two specifically target people looking to learn Seo for Amazon. And that is how I came up my ending results of Amazon Seo training as my main keyword phrase. Choosing your main keywords can be the hardest or the easiest as you go through in search engine optimization. The most important ingredient in search engine optimization is keyword research tutorial.

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