Search Engine Optimization – SEO Tips in Bangla (Part-1)

A A�video of SEO Bangla Tutorial (Part-1):

A screenshot of interesting part of the video:
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25 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization – SEO Tips in Bangla (Part-1)”

  1. atiqullah vi i am your really and hardly crazy fan by your all youtube
    video tutorials, ami ar raju. and lots of thanks to u for your tutorials
    about all subjects tutorials. these videos is so helpful. apni amader
    gourab, garbo abong bangali young samajer ahongkar. ar gali deoar kotha
    bolchen keno. pache loke kichu bole. jara a kajti kore tara ekprokar
    kulangar. ebong tader proti amar tarof theke khub jaghonno vabe dhikkar

  2. ek kothay osadharon tut. Thik e bolechen oneke tut banay nijer panditto
    prokash korar jonno sejonno tutorial er moddhe onek word er synonym use
    kore onek kothin vashay bole. tutorial a bolechen website redirection er
    5000 site link diye diben tut er sese and others link but tut a pelamna,
    amake kosto kore link dite parben jekhan theke collect korte pari ?

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  4. This video helps to me understand about SEO. That means what is SEO and how
    to work? And what is search engine? This tutorial I get a basic idea of SEO
    and I think it is very helpful to new learners.

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