Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Visibility. How To Get Higher Ranking Website

AA�video for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Visibility. How To Get Higher Ranking Website:

Here’s a screenshot ofA�some important part of the video:
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How to get your website ranking higher. Search engine visibility and optimization. Help me increase my website traffic. How to increase your website visitors. Improve your traffic to your website.

Today we’re going to talk about search engine optimization and visibility for your ranking. So the first thing we need to look at is the tags that they look-up. There are three very important tags that Google, Yahoo, Bing and all kinds of search engines look for.

The first one will be the title tag. The second one would be the description tag. And the third one would be the keyword tag.

Search engines generally have limitation of information allowed on the meta tag of submitted sites.Title tag is required html element and one of the most important on page factors for search engine ranking.

Search engine results user for the title of your site. Your sites user will also see in their browsers tool bar on the top. There are some keywords phrases a words to avoid putting in your title tag.

Description Tag:
A description tag’s content appears under title tag content in search engines results. It should provide information specific to the page, such as product details, special offers, or sales messages.A�Description tag content should communicate a page’s value to visitors and not exceed 250 characters.

Keyword Tag:
A keyword tag’s content consists of all keywords related to a page. Keywords should be restricted to words that appear in the title or on the page itself.

  • Keyword content should contain words or phrases that may be used to search for your site.
  • Be limited to 10-15 words and three phrases per page that do not exceed 1000 characters.
  • Separate words and phrases with commas.

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