Search Engine Optimization Course to Promote Your Website and YouTube: SEO Tutorial

A video of Search Engine Optimization Course to Promote Your Website and YouTube: SEO Tutorial

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Search Engine Optimization Course to Promote Your Website and YouTube

Learn how to increase the number of potential customers by 300% in just 2 months using our Search Engine Optimization Techniques.
Our SEO Tips and SEO Tricks are effective enough to give you the extra exposure for your new Website and or Youtube video.

We increase the conversion of visitors into customers, according to this from the very beginning of work on the promotion of improving the ability to sell your site.

You will have a personal manager with high competence in SEO, who can always help you and answer any questions.

Google Tools for SEO:
– Google AdWords:
– Open Site Explorer:
– Google Analytics:
– Google Webmaster tools:

Our company provides services of SEO copywriting, which includes the following list of works with the content:

* Before starting work, the client sent the brief to fill . This is done in order to seo-copywriter could make the text focuses on the features of your production and competitive advantage of your company. Therefore, the more completely fill the brief, the more information about your company will be available at the copywriter.

* Check the uniqueness of the texts . In low unique text should either edit or re-write. Search Engines are very negative to respond to non-unique texts and can impose on your online resource certain sanctions.

* At high uniqueness of the text in it harmoniously embedded keywords . It is important not to lose sense and not to distort the essence. Texts should be written in plain language, they do not have to be large, so as not to tire the reader and at the same time not to be too short.

* If necessary, the text is divided into separate units of meaning , form lists, bolded keywords carried perelinkovka (insert in the text of the semantic links to other pages).

* Compiled header and subtitles pages that are formed with the meaning, the age group of potential customers (students, ensuring people, young mothers, and so on), as well as other features of the resource or the services provided.

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