Quick Crash Course For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

25 thoughts on “Quick Crash Course For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”

  1. Artem talks about basics of search engine optimization (SEO) in Oulu
    University. In this short talk students learn about basics of SEO and
    importance of content.

  2. All kidding aside, does audience understand English or are they paid just
    to sit there but don’t really understand the presentation? If that’s what
    it is, next time just do it without them as this makes it look worse.Other
    than that, far too basic.

  3. But why are the audience unresponsive – we here just need a reason to laugh
    — we’re the other extreme. You’ll be a star here

  4. Muy buena presentación !! He podido aprender y reforzar los puntos claves
    para SEO. Really funny and interesting!


  5. Great video comrade), thanks. Some jokes are just awesome, but little too
    much in my opinion. If they were not laughing in the firtst 30 minutes, i
    doubt if they actually able to smile at all.

  6. I need to find more videos of this guy. I love teachers like this. Makes
    you pay attention and retain information, not to mention want to follow
    another class of his.
    Funny as hell. Thanks.

  7. Thanks Artem! Very good, interesting and sometimes funny introduction. A
    pity your audience did not react …

  8. You do not always need to start a SEO business from a college degree. I
    began SEO when I was 17 years old.

  9. Awesome presentation my friend. Im going to start blogging and will tag you
    for sure … hahaha… and great sense of humor… yes I agree .. tough

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