How Much Keyword Use and Repetition is Optimal?

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With all the advancements search engines have made, a lot of folks in the SEO world are circling back to a fundamental question: If I’m targeting a particular keyword, where and how often should I use that in the front and back ends of my page? In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand puts his recommendations into the context of today’s SERPs.

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Video transcription. Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re going to chat about keyword use, keyword repetition and overuse.

I know this might seem like a basic topic, but actually it’s advanced a little bit in the last few years, and I still get a surprising amount of email and see a surprising number of questions around things like, “How many times should I use my keyword that I’m targeting to rank for in my URL string or my H1 tag or my title? Or how many different pages should I have that target this keyword?” So let’s try and clear a little bit of this up.

Let’s say I’ve done a search here, “Are skeleton keys real?” I see results ranking. This is actually kind of a nice result, because what you see are not a lot of pages that say, “Are skeleton keys real?” I just did this search, and the top 20 results, there’s actually not even one where the title of the piece or the headline of the document is, “Are skeleton keys real?”

You see lots of documents ranking in Google that dona��t perfectly match this keyword set. I think thata��s a good example of how far Google has come in trying to understand the intent behind queries, how far theya��ve come in terms of connecting topics and keywords, how far theya��ve come on topic modeling algorithms.

Keyword repetition considerations, So really there are three primary considerations that we do still need to worry about as SEOs.

1) Search result snippet. The first one is the search result snippet itself.

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