Best SEO Tricks, Strategies and Training Techniques – Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

A video of the Best SEO Tricks, Strategies and Training Techniques – Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

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best seo tricks

In this SEO Training Tutorial, you will learn the best SEO training techniques used by the professionals. The software that the pros use is and they get links from You will soon realize why this is the best SEO training tutorial. For your free trial for the best search engine optimization software, check out (Open Site Explorer). For the best backlink service, check out

For keyword research, use the Google Keyword Tool

SEO link building is vital for ranking on Google, and back links=80% of SEO. To find the best high PR backlinks, find your biggest competitors and steal their backlinks–you can do this by checking out open site explorer at (Open Site Explorer). This site will allow you to analyze your competition and see what backlinks they have. Then you can get all the same backlinks that they have and a few more–and you can out rank them–if you also have good content on your site. I also recommend using Voltrank for backlinks.

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  9. Google Keyword Planner sucks. I can’t figure out how to expand off the
    keywords I enter. I have had to buy Keyword Research Tools that actually
    work better. 

  10. Can’t continue to listen, voice-over person is too sloooooowwww talking,
    painful pauses and mouth noises. Needs a professional speaker, then this
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